Simply Elegant Wedding Cake Inspiration

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Today I decided to put together a collection of inspiring cakes that demonstrate less is more.

All too often I come across photos of “overly decorated” cakes; you know the ones with excessive draping, piping, flowers and beading (all on one cake — YIKES!).

Not only are overly decorated cakes visually unpleasing but they can actually be unappetizing.

A heavily decorated cake can leave guests with the impression that it is going to be overly sweet with the heavy use of icing.

You want to make sure your cake is visually pleasing for your guests so it builds a growing anticipation for the cake cutting.

As the old Chinese proverb says “A good meal is eaten first with the eyes, then with the nose and finally with the mouth. Satisfy these and the stomach will rejoice.”

So when planning the design of your wedding cake remember,


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