Honoring Lost Loved Ones (Calgary Wedding Planning)

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Working in the wedding industry helping couples plan the wedding of their dreams has truly been a blessing in my life. Having the opportunity to assist such wonderful couples and their families during this joyous time in their life is AMAZING!

Though much of my experiences are filled with joy and excitement there are also moments of sadness. It always breaks my heart when I see the quiet sadness creep into the eyes of a bride or groom as they speak of a loved one who has passed on or is too ill to attend the wedding.

So many couples struggle with how to honor these loved ones to ensure they are a part of their celebration of love.

Today I thought I would put together some ideas for you on how to incorporate the memories of loved ones unable to attend your special day.

For the Groom

What a wonderful way to remember and honor a mother or grandmother — using a beloved brooch as a boutonniere (Photos 1 & 2). For a father or grandfather, consider adding their wartime, work/career lapel pin to your boutonniere (Photo 3).

For the Bride

Repurpose your mother, grandmother or aunts favorite brooch into a fabulous hair pin or beautiful fascinator. If you’re looking for a stunning custom Fascinator made with your favorite heirloom jewelry, contact Tracey at Couture Gown Studio www.couturegownstudio.ca

Adorn your wedding cake with ribbon and a beloved heirloom brooch, necklace or lapel pin.

Honor the love of your parents and grandparents by incorporating  their wedding day photos into your wedding decor. Place them on the guestbook table, cake and dessert table or on a table exclusively dedicated to their memory.

I hope these ideas inspire you to be creative with how you remember and honor those who could not be at your wedding.