Sharon & Kevin -married! {Cochrane Ranche House Wedding photographer}

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Just as I sat down to write this post, the words to “it’s a small world” started swirling their annoying little verses around my head. Not a fun lyrical version, more like the disneyland ride.  Ok, I know, I know, now the song is probably trapped inside your head too. Let’s move on. The reason [...]

Real Weddings – Our Couples – Michelle and Stefan

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Our Couples – Michelle and Stefan, February 15
This spectacular winter wedding bouquet combines a variety of silvery foliages with a  few ivory hyacinth.
Photographer: Orange Girl Photography

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Sarah & Dan -married! {Azuridge, Priddis wedding photographer}

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In our many email conversations, Sarah described herself and Dan as playful, kids-at-heart kind of people. So it didn’t really surprise me that they chose a venue with a random Velociraptor and brought along their very own light sabers. Azuridge is every photographer’s dream. I swear when I booked their wedding I squealed a little [...]

Alice In Wonderland Theme Party

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Take a trip down the rabbit hole and into a birthday wonderland with this amazing theme party orchestrated by Jenelle Jamani of Special Event Rentals. Complete with the Mad Hatters tea party, Red Soldier croquet and a place to paint … Continue re…

A Little Inspiration – Babies Breath

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Looking for a little bit of inspiration for your babies breath themed wedding 0 look no further. Check out these great ideas!

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Michelle & Dustin -engaged! {Calgary, Canmore wedding photographer}

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I really love finding the best location to fit the wants and desires of my couples. I try really hard to ask the right questions and really zone in on what they’re looking for. As soon as Michelle said they liked live music and obscure pubs mixed with a bit of vintage charm I knew [...]

Jessica & Dustin -engaged! {Calgary, Okotoks wedding photographer}

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It’s pretty satisfying as a photographer to fantasize about certain shots that could be possible during say, a shoot with a Harley Davidson motorcycle and have them actually come into fruition. I remember talking to Jessica and Dustin about their mutual love for said motorcycle and getting really excited about the possibilities. It was pretty [...]

Real Weddings – Our Couples – Mia and John David

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Our Couples – Mia and John David
A beautiful and traditional cascade bouquet of roses and babies breath was perfect for this young couple.
Photographer: Maria Jolly Photography

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Lauren & Adam -married! {Canmore, Silvertip wedding photographer}

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It was like something out of a movie. In fact, I’m sure it’s the storyline to several romantic comedies. Girl travels to best friend’s cabin for a summer weekend. Girl and friends head to local bar for a fun night. Guy spies Girl across the crowded room. Girl spies Guy across the crowded room. Flirtations [...]

Birthday Celebration

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Weddings are not the only time in life that we like to celebrate big, grand openings, retirements and birthday parties are just a few of the other times worth celebrating in life. Earlier this year Kristina McAnally put together the … Continue re…