Laura & Todd -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

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Laura wanted a garden and I knew the perfect one. I like to call this garden the Secret Garden, not because it’s secret but because I only just found out about it a couple years ago. Apparently, I’m a late starter to this whole gorgeous inner city garden thing. But wow. This is truly something [...]

Jenn & Elise -married! {Calgary same-sex wedding photographer}

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You know the saying “you had me at hello”….. well, I totally experienced that meeting Jenn and Elise and hearing these beautiful words: “there will be TWO wedding dresses Sarah. And two sets of beautiful shoes. TWO brides Sarah. How awesome will that be?!” Um, yes. Please. Keep talking! It was actually quite some time [...]

Sharon & Kevin -married! {Cochrane Ranche House Wedding photographer}

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cochrane_ranche_house_ wedding_photographer001

Just as I sat down to write this post, the words to “it’s a small world” started swirling their annoying little verses around my head. Not a fun lyrical version, more like the disneyland ride.  Ok, I know, I know, now the song is probably trapped inside your head too. Let’s move on. The reason [...]

Sarah & Dan -married! {Azuridge, Priddis wedding photographer}

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In our many email conversations, Sarah described herself and Dan as playful, kids-at-heart kind of people. So it didn’t really surprise me that they chose a venue with a random Velociraptor and brought along their very own light sabers. Azuridge is every photographer’s dream. I swear when I booked their wedding I squealed a little [...]

Michelle & Dustin -engaged! {Calgary, Canmore wedding photographer}

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I really love finding the best location to fit the wants and desires of my couples. I try really hard to ask the right questions and really zone in on what they’re looking for. As soon as Michelle said they liked live music and obscure pubs mixed with a bit of vintage charm I knew [...]

Jessica & Dustin -engaged! {Calgary, Okotoks wedding photographer}

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It’s pretty satisfying as a photographer to fantasize about certain shots that could be possible during say, a shoot with a Harley Davidson motorcycle and have them actually come into fruition. I remember talking to Jessica and Dustin about their mutual love for said motorcycle and getting really excited about the possibilities. It was pretty [...]

Lauren & Adam -married! {Canmore, Silvertip wedding photographer}

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It was like something out of a movie. In fact, I’m sure it’s the storyline to several romantic comedies. Girl travels to best friend’s cabin for a summer weekend. Girl and friends head to local bar for a fun night. Guy spies Girl across the crowded room. Girl spies Guy across the crowded room. Flirtations [...]

sara & david -married! {Calgary, Heritage Park wedding photographer}

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I like to tell stories. And in these stories I always want to find the happiness, love and emotion. I see some amazing things through my lens but my favourite moments are the ones that aren’t truly captured in pixels. It’s the whispered “i love you’s” or the way he gently sweeps the hair behind [...]

Charlene & Riley -plus one! {Calgary maternity photographer}

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It really is such an honor to develop relationships with my wedding couples, to get to know them over the course of a year or so and then spend an intimate and emotion-packed day with them. I tend to leave our final meeting feeling like I have two new friends. I was actually just talking [...]

Jana & Kevin -plus one! {Calgary maternity photographer”

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I met Jana and Kevin a few years ago to shoot their engagement session and was delighted to hear back from them announcing news of an upcoming addition. Aside from the wind, it was a perfect night filled with beautiful light, colour and great conversat…